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and all of that. they're taught about china, japan, the u.s., and, you know, south korea and russia, and that's pretty much it. so it's absolutely pervasive, their attempts to control the minds of the populace. >> yeah. you mentioned earlier something along the lines of this is like a secularized divine right of kings scenario where everything as the regime claims becomes gospel, and reality almost bends toward those claims. like it's not what you're seeing. there's a story in the book about the finish i'm sorry if i pronounce it incorrectly, but the mountain -- >> mount pektu. they always have the sing-songy thing. >> this is the mountain that's the greatest pride of any north korean -- >> right, any korean. >> right. because they don't consider it to be north korea. >> right. it's the ancestral home of all the korean people. >> right. and there's a story where kim jung-il asked a question of his advisers about what's the highest mountain in the world, and someone says mount everest? and he says, no, you're wrong, it's mount pektu, and the reason why is because height shouldn't be
ukrainian soldiers dead. president obama promising even tough iter sanctions against russia. looks like a scene straight out of the movie. two men wearing business suits and fake were wigs. sprayed several esm employees and shocking one many times. no one was seriously thursday there. the robbers are still on the loose. no word on how much money they got away with. ivanka trump knows who she would like to see in the white house. her father. she told greta van susteren, trump would make a fabulous president because of his viewpoints and because of the fact that he listens and cares about people. >> as an american, i would love him to run for president. he is incredibly smart, incredibly knowledgeable. he has had tremendous experiences which would prepare him for the challenge. as a daughter, it's more complicated, obviously. it's a very tough life afternoon the political one is a challenge. >> well, we have been asking mr. trump if he is running but he keeps telling us, we will see what happens. >> and ben affleck may be great at run aring a gambling racket in the movies like this. >> wh
. >>> developing now, new and deadly battles in ukraine and the u.s. delivers another warning to russia. a live report ahead. >>> the woman at the center of the donald sterling debacle now says he is not a racist. the role she's playing in his life today. >>> what led to one woman's gutt feeling that in the end prevented a teen's potential gun mele and massacre. the backstory behind her 911 call. >>> it's called the most exciting two minutes in sports. the kentucky derby. dylan dreyer reports on america's biggest horse race set to run in just hours.
continue with ian bremer, president and founder of eurasia group. >> we cannot isolate russia. we can push them toward china. it's not in our interest. our coalition on ukraine is canada because they have a large population and elections coming up and japan because they're japan. i like canada and japan, they're great countries, but it's not a goalings. >> charlie: we conclude with ram guha, his book india at the gandhi. >> if someone oppressed you before gandhi, you ask him to treat you like a human being or bash him. gandhi invented an alternative. collective solidarity, express to non-violent action. university, worldwide. the second thing and important thing why i think he's such a great figure is the ability to forge relations between rival religious groups -- hindu, muslim, christian, jew. >> charlie: a look at the world as it is and what it might be when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> charlie: jessica mathews is here. she is president of the carnegie endowment for international peace. it is a globa
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against russia clear in recent weeks. as a result, germany's position is unlikely to shift, barring a dramatic escalation of the conflict in ukraine. we will hear from chancellor merkel and president obama. in the meantime, a washington journal discussion this morning on the effectiveness of sanctions. host: our friday roundtable focusing on the issue of sanctions as a foreign-policy tool, do they work? carla anne robbins is a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations. mark dubowitz of the foundation for democracy. "the wall street journal" the president meets with angela merkel. german companies opposing sanctions, can you explain. guest: german companies opposed sanctions against iran, it is no surprise they are opposing sanctions against russia. the german corporate lobby is very strong. it is no surprise. it is a very strong economic relationship between germany and russia. including former german chancellor, who is making a lot of money helping natural gas flow from russia to germany. no surprise. angela merkel is under pressure. host: one of the fundamental flaws of sa
, it is no surprise they are opposing sanctions against russia. the german corporate lobby is very strong. it is a very strong economic relationship between germany and russia. including former german chancellor, who is making a lot of money helping natural gas flow from russia to germany. no surprise. angela merkel is under pressure. host: one of the fundamental flaws of sanctions as a foreign-policy tool? guest: it is limited and a blunt instrument but also there is no other choice. not a lot of other alternatives. politics are flawed, too. germany is russia's's largest trading partner in the eu. they have more economic interest in the u.s. and its owing to be hard to pressure russia and a major way unless the europeans are willing to play. host: let me share what jack lew told members of congress when it came to sanctions and at russia and the wealthy individuals linked to president putin. [video clip] >> if you look at the impact on russia's economy, it is misleading to look at what happens day by day. you have to look over the period of time since russia went into crimea and since we
, the british house of commons, prime minister david cameron was asked about thetions against russia and scottish leader's comments regarding russian president putin. this is 40 minutes. impact. we expect better results for thousands of young people at risk of becoming meet. >> questions to the prime minister. >> number one, mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i'm sure the whole house will wish to join me in paying tribute to captain thomas clarke of the army air corps, flight lieutenant rakesh chauhan of joint helicopter command, acting warned officer class do spencer faulkner, corporal james walters of the army air corps, and lance corporal oliver thomas of the intelligence corps, reservist who also worked as a research assistant. these tragic deaths remind us of the continued commitment and sacrifice of our armed forces, and i know that our deepest concerns are with the families that is very, very difficult time. i'm sure the whole house will also want to join me in paying tribute to and mcgwire who was stabbed to death in her classroom on monday. it is clear from
and the bnz bank. bennett was the biggest manufacturer in russia. at the same time feel it's a tragedy. every time a french company to report on a foreign one quarter of the moment too. to take the points. i think it is today. this is something that we have to tough it out seriously have to take into consideration the fact that if we do when it was seen in solution we will have to face issues with that of tom monopolies. she had long track record in france and its partner in big groups are from three years in the leaves. yep that's that's why everything is on a table and we need to discuss it and given that the county saying clinton the best solution is to last them for it to its employees in for a car on the future of our energy policy. tom and newtown. as mentioned i would like you as he he he. eugene found a solution and come i am not sure that this is due. and we can't see this into account weekends we can sound the news oust him to train built in the build up an emt and industry policy. we need to start now on. and we bleed strategic policy of more globally and in a descending and hasn't
to his coming. russia percent since the school buildings in east in ukraine. the mets why does this gondola ride police used tear gas water cannon and tear down monday to protest its tentacles an irish politician gerry adams remains in custody wednesday this threat
a single case brought against russia in the world trade organization. this is the case despite the fact that the administration told congress during consideration of pntr that one of the major benefits of having russia in the w.t.o. would be our ability to bring them to dispute settlement. i'm also profoundly disappointed that the president refuses to bring a w.t.o. case against india for its continuing efforts to underminus intellectual property rights. india knows better. we know better and we ought to be forceful about this. i think it would help them as well. with regard to india, it exemplifies a pattern of gross neglect within this administration when it comes to enforcing american intellectual property rights. countries are taking note of the failure to act in this area. this is feeding the perception that they can refuse to protect and even actively violate u.s. intellectual property rights with impugnity. finally, i'm deeply concerned about the office of the u.s. trade representative as an institution. ambassador, i sincerely appreciate the hard work and dedication of you and y
its southeastern regions and condemnation wind tunnel that the view of russia's president. education discount the ongoing ukrainian prices over the phone with the jam in turn sought uncle a moscow has requested russia's health benefits to a red's piano is seen in a shed that is why being detained in eastern ukraine meanwhile ukraine's state security and special forces have held a mission trails in the capital on to become overnight. how many vehicles were seen passing through the streets of kiev on two men were reportedly supported and trained home and building described as the country's defense ministry did not miss the government take part in any operation. it's gonna be crazy interim prime minister adnan said the government is unable to hold them back has been overwhelming in the country's southeast government buildings in more than a dozen cities that remain under the control of products on in the midst of the a list of reach for us mona mona administration buildings and police stations in the south and east of the country up and take it that the city of lost every ride and it's
federation has a monopoly of information within russia so it's harder for the truth to get back into russia. but it's not hard to get into ukraine. pretty much everyone in ukraine understands what's happening. as you said earlier, this is not a matter of whether the russians will invade ukraine. ukraine. >> what is putin's goal to create chaos, to make the elections a failure or is he trying to execute this putin doctrine of intervening wherever he thinks ethnic russians are threatened and create a new russian block endowmented by russia? >> all of the above. the first two things you mentioned, as you know and your viewers know there is a very important election coming up on the 25th may that is supposed to give all of the citizens of the supposedly independent sovereign state of ukraine a chance to elect a government to replace the extraordinarily corrupt and brutal regime that was really -- doesn't even deserve to be called a government at the end, of former president yanukovych. and what putin is trying to do is make sure that doesn't happen. that he can disrupt enough of the ukraine geo
% aimed at russia. all the other participants in this program are the very countries that russia threatens right now. particularly ukraine which is the second largest participant. i think it would be a really bad signal for this country to actually cut programs that are supportive of democracy in the areas immediately around russia. frankly i think more or less plays into putin's hand. beyond that we have a unique institution, unique arrangement and unique person heading it at the library of congress, who is probably the country's -- is the country's, probably the world's foremost expert on russian history and culture and literature. this has been well placed as long as he's been the librarian and well used. again i appreciate my friend's motives, but i would urge the rejection of the amendment. with that i would like to yield the remainder of the time that i have to my good friend, the gentleman from virginia. the chair: the gentleman from virginia is recognized. >> coy not agree mr. moran: i cannot agree more with my friend from oklahoma, the chair of this subcommittee. and the idea that
on urging russia to play a responsible role in the international community all like to expect the odd coupling and it might really have closely watched in ukraine. we expect the president a lexington to go smoothly on a twenty five it's a good thing she threw up in place emergency support of more than four hundred fifteen thousand dollars to the council of europe. he also offered about six hundred nine thousand dollars to international monitors in ukraine where do with the organization for security and cooperation in europe tokyo police i investigating the connection between gun as ambassador to japan as alleged involvement in an illegal casino. the business operated out of the property of the beast in his name the ambassador denies any involvement in the operation he returned to damion march after police made the casino after coming back to tokyo last week he voluntarily attended a police interview about his connection with the property. police say they plan to interview him for that based on information they have the bbc is part of the proceeds of the gambling any employees of the c
the arrest. >> russia has nothing to do with this. there are units suggesting that our instructors are there. i declare: there are neither russian instructors nor special units nor troops there. >> and putin is threatening to retaliate against western sacks saying there will -- sanction -- sanctions. two cares? apparently not americans. registered voters across party lines want the u.s. to be less active on the world stage. joining us now from washington, d.c. is strobe talbot, president of the brookings institution served in the clinton administration from 1993 to 2001. for the new independent states of the former soviet union. pro-russian forces, are taking over, president putin denies involvement just as he did in crimea. for all practical purposes you are saying he has already invaded ukraine? >> he certainly has. these are not just pro-russian forces, these are pro-russian forces that are highly inif i recall traited by russian forces. what we are hearing from president putin is another stunning case of the big lie that we can remember from decades ago, which is now front and center. e
calling for broader, tougher sanctions to punish russia for the interference in ukraine. the civil war in south sudan is on the verge of famine. the united nations official warned today more than one million people fled the violence at the start of crucial planting season. she said she's appalled neither of the two warring leaders seems concerned by the looming disaster. violence overshadows election day in iraq as people headed to the polls today to cast ballots in parliamentary elections. at least five people died in independent attacks. jonathan rugman filed this report. >> reporter: it's the kind of democracy saddam hussein would have never allowed. but in a country now racked by sectarian violence, iraq goferred for eight years by nouri al maliki from the shia majority, a man who rarely smiles. he voted early today casting this election as a referendum on his war against terror. >> i wish to see a huge turnout. god willing, we'll celebrate the success of this election and defeat terrorism and those who bet the election would be postponed. >> reporter: in parts of anbar province th
with the pro russian militias if you know. i must tell you that russia is not involved in school we often hear that there are special forces their instructors zealand by state that there are neither instructors nor special forces nor troops so ukraine's president is convinced of the opposite and he thinks russia is preparing to invade russia has placed tens of thousands of troops near its border with ukraine. shares of the store. this picture there is a real threat of russia beginning a land war against ukraine. to pray. our armed forces have been put on full military alert each. had she not added that police were unable to reassert control of the areas of eastern ukraine taken over by pro russian separatists and masked men at sea as the administration and police building in yet another town car lift up roy strong sign of key as ineffectiveness came before the referendum announcement when ukraine's acting president admitted that control the ball is logan's scandal in its regions have slipped out of the central government and now in the mask itself a pro russian group has declared an independen
energy companies that operate in russia but two weeks we'll have to consider consequence is that there is a pre teen crush in key sectors from connie including image. we do not want results are tallied two steps ahead of building a need for this. for example are companies like x on mobil and chevron are both of which operate here in russia but it was saying he hopes that there will not need to get a telescope that i traced out apparently they are in russia's arsenal in case the situation arises the economies and this essay contests upload the bison should be. add to the sentence that lead into the template at least in the uk either. even before they make a set of restrictions away implemented for the second two week unpaid state input. this is the risk away taking. well jenna some private banks to differ. when you heat it in extending the mission and stay there can be sent to the us. the people. thus in the standing commission on care for them to stick to the station i think we need the quantum your children to come or what. the station came to a chores since the nineteen
biden talked about the importance of the military alliance and how nato members should react to russia's violation of ukrainian sovereignty. his remarks of the atlantic council in washington are 20 minutes. [applause] >> see the respect this group has, mr. vice president? theehalf of fred kemp and atlantic council, welcome to our family. we have members of the board of directors. we have members of our international advisory council and most important, we have got some serious leaders from europe who are trying to determine their destiny around europe full and free. so over the last day, we have had the pleasure of hearing from many of these leaders. and it really is a distinct letter to conclude this extraordinary and timely conference with remarks by the vice president of the united states joe biden. that vicetting president biden would conclude our conference because few have done more than you, mr. vice andident, to promote advance vision of a united europe. during his tenure in the senate as chair of the foreign relations committee, then senator biden provided critical bipartisan
loan package for ukraine. it comes as russia's foreign ministry is calling on kiev to tone down the rhetoric after ukraine's president says the country's military is on full combat alert in case of invasion. moscow claims he is trying to intimidate his own population. for more, i spoke with republican senator john barrasso, who has recently returned from a visit to the region. if i could start with the news that has come in from the international monetary fund of the $17 billion loan package for ukraine. do you welcome that? >> i do. i think it will be helpful, and the message from putin continues to be a significant propaganda in russian broadcast all around the region. you hear it in latvia, lithuania, moldova. all concerns to the people there because it is a lot of lies from putin, which are trying to undermine what is happening in .kraine >> how tense was the situation in ukraine? >> i was there the day the russian helicopters landed just north of crimea and tipped over the gas plant, which tells you to important energy is russia as part of driving their economy. half of all
against the russian elements in the east, that would give the pretext that russia would require to move across the border. many are praising the government in kiev for not doing that, for not going fire-for-fire. what the acting president was saying to 20--well, more than 20 regional governors, their top priority over the next four days is to prevent the unrest which we've seen in those eastern regions from spreading further across the east and perhaps into the south of the country. we have heard that ministry of interior forces were doing their job or perhaps the city police were not doing their duties as required. >> the military exercises were going to be held tonight kiev. what's the latest on that? >> reporter: yes, it's a very strange one. there is an announcement on the city council website earlier on today. it spoke of tactical special training and the possibility that armored vehicles may be involved. thethey are planning military exercises in the early hours of thursday morning. it does appear there is some exercise training but it will fall short of the tanks rolling through
are companies like x on mobil and chevron are both of which operate here in russia but it was saying he hopes that there will not need to get it out retaliatory steps apparently they are in iraq as arsenal in case the situation arises. my senior us officials have continued referring to some question no evidence of moscow's involvement in the uprising in ukraine's east. and in his latest beach the second statement and pages of links to russian agents claimed to have been seen in crimea and georgette testimony she has displayed the photographer to take some of the picture is saying the funds are being twisted on the channel has fallen under the criticism of the state of calm and to get sick and on this link the antiseptic chips taste in diplomacy and effect if not i'll see what cold is falsifying of phonics and distorting reality. aussies in action she has more now from washington dc undersecretary for diplomacy and affairs which are single sort of followed up by a secretary kerry's attack on rt last week where he told us that propaganda for four and was the single is accusing rt of making fa
government buildings were taken over. >>> sanctions imposed on russia by the u.s. and the european union because of ukraine are meant to be targeted against those close to president vladimir putin. but the international monetary fund believes the loss of confidence caused by the sanctions is weakening russian's economy. >> reporter: a bad week for the russian economy has just got worse. the international monitor fund says the country is now in recession. >> difficult situation, and especially the uncertainties surrounding the geopolitical situation and [ inaudible ] sanctions and escalation on sanctions are weighing very anying lively on the investment client. >> reporter: they have added new names to the lists of people subject to sanctions. they cited vt putin's failure to rain in separatists in eastern ukraine. russia's central bank says investors moved $64 billion out of the country. but all three though latest amf announcement seem like bad gnus for russia, some people here are suggesting that the figures could be a blessing in disguise. >> translator: it is positive for russia beca
's oldest and closest relationships in asia with talks with the philippines . russia continued to muscle ukraine, syria is set to turn over the last of its chemical weapons but continues to kill civilians with hayes, and he returns to washington empty hasn'ted with th handed with talks from palestine and israel. >>> in crisis around the world in the past five years did the u.s. get the approach that the president wanted? that's the "inside story." let's recap by looking at the u.s. in the world during the obama years. >> reporter: u.s. president barack obama headed home after a week-long visit to four asian nations. the trip was part of the president's promise to strength solidarity and trade. >> today the philippines welcomed president obama. >> reporter: but in the news conference along side the filipino president, a reporter brought more to the surface than planned. >> as you end this trip, i don't think i have to remind you there have been unflattering reminders of your foreign policy. >> reporter: unscripted reminder of the president's modest successes abroad. >> typically criticism
were taken over by pro-russia groups in the east. let's get more now on those elections in iraq. kamal has been keeping a close eye on what has been happening on social media. >> yes. we want to look at what interest might actually be in the united states in these elections. i saw this just a moment ago. and my producer did i should say, this is someone who snapped a picture at their old high school. and this is a queueing system of old school tables with bits of tape in between them, and they have created a queueing system for a polling station there. and this is one of my favorites, the mother on the right-hand side has clearly voted but her two children want to feel like they are part of the election process, and they have the purple on their finger. as i said to laura, we want to talk to the united states here and what level of interest there might be in the elections. i'm going to start with this graphic, and it is really quite brilliant. it shows you this first circle, which is 50, $60 billion. that is the initial estimate of what this war was going to cost. the post war, and wat
politics? >> of course they are. remember obama said prior to ris reelect to the president of russia i will have more flexibility after the election. he is telling the democrats i hear you, don't worry. obamacare, keystone pipeline and now coal admissions. the president of the united states is using his power and influence to change the outcome of an election. you can fool some of the people some of time but not enough this time. it is reflected in his poplarity. >> senator inholf is the one that brought all of these allegations. he wrote a letter and let's look at it. he says is appears in the delay in the publication may have been done to lesson the impact of the president's harmful policies on the mid-term election. he said the epa is electionering with climate rules. did you believe that to believe the case? >> yes. i actually think they are playing politics. there is a flip side, too. james inholf is the biggest climate denier in the house and congress. he makes more money, the sector that gives the most money is oil and gas. he gives $315,000 from them over the last five years. h
provincial capital of luong. despite new western sanctions on russia. an inmate in oklahoma dies of a heart attack minutes after a botched attempt to execute him with a new death penalty cocktail. also coming up this hour, celebrations across madrid as madrid wins. it might be an all spanish 20 in may if chelsea loses in tonight's game. a tug-of-war over french engineering company al stump. it says -- alstom. it is giving them a month to decide over the $12 billion offer from general election. there is a rival offer from siemens. a rack is voting in its first general election since u.s. troops -- iraq is voting in his first general election since u.s. troops left in 2011. the severe violence that hit the country this week continues. two women were among the dead as a bomb went off at a polling station in the north. nicholas rushworth has more. friday, and the explosion tore apart a campaign rally in the east of the city. attack was part of the waves of sectarian violence nationwide in the days before the vote. iraq is currently going through its worst unrest in years. security for this elec
are standing, are sanctions impacting russia or its supporters in eastern ukraine? >> that's a very difficult question to ask. you'd have to say the ultimate intention of these sanctions is to prevent a russian invasion of eastern ukraine and if that invasion does not happen, was it due to the sanctioners not. i suspect we might be arguing about that for months or years to come, but as rewards the conduct of pro russian groups in the east, they don't seem deterred at all, quite the contrary. they seem more emboldened on each day, going very much on the offensive, they are on the front, sanctions or not. >> barnaby phillips for us in donetsk in eastern you a crane, thank you. >> parliamentary elections, first time they have headed to the polls since the u.s. pulled out in 2011. there are reports of attacks outside the capitol. we are at a polling side in baghdad. how has the turnout been so far where you are? >> this polling station in central baghdad, they are voting just through those doors, has about 3,500 registered voters, about 1,000 people have turned up so far. now what an independent
luhansk by pro-russian militants tuesday. russia continues to deny accusations it's funding and orchestrating the unrest. >>> coordinators of the search effort for the missing ma lay airlines flight mh370 have dismissed a claim possible plain wreckage was found in the northern bay of bengal. the underwater search is continuing off the australian coach. six weeks of searching have so far failed to find any wreckage at all. >>> a dangerous storm system which earlier killed more than 30 people in the southern united states has now flattened scores of homes, churches and businesses in louisiana and alabama. trees and power lines have been knocked out. meteorologists say the storms have weakened, but tornado watches are still in effect for some isolated areas. >>> there's mounting anger in my je nigeria -- to free more than 230 girls abducted from their school by islamist militants over a fortnight ago. a million woman protest march is being called for by the women's peace and justice organization to demand more resources for securing the girls' release. with me is someone who ru
there is no way to stop the unrest in two eastern regions bordering russia. he says police and security pless," and are in some cases cooperating with pro-russian government who have seized buildings and taking people hostage. vice president joe biden reassure the prime minister of ofvia that in the face russian assertiveness in ukraine the united states is committed to the collective defense of nato allies. mr. biden met with latvian prime minister at the white house yesterday and today the vice president speaks at the atlantic council on the situation in ukraine. here the remarks later today on c-span radio. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. everybody says how do you think these women came from such a very low part of the world? so victorian era is stratified. there was the very rich and the middle class and then the real robber baron achievers. the life and times of these women is the most buccaneer time you can think of. after the civil war. finances were becoming major, yet rockefeller, jim fest, all of the robber barons were making a lot of money. i think it was e
. >>> basketball responds to the life ban given to l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. . >> russia accused the west of revising cold war tactics after new sanctions were imposed over the ukrainian crisis. 15 more people were added to the list of russian officials, facing asset freedss and travel -- friezes and travel bands. >> the chief of the international monetary funds megs to moscow says russia's economy is falling into recession. antonio says the country experienced two quarters of negative growth which is likely to continue. he had sanctions against russia over the ukrainian crisis. to further damage the economy. >> let's spoke to the correspondent. it's a bleak picture painted by the i.m.f. >> it certainly is. the i.m.f. chief in moscow said, as you explained, he believes russia's economy is in recession because there has been two quarters of negative growth. the prediction for this year was 1.3% growth, they are saying the economy will grow by 0.2%. i think that's a worrying statistic for many economists. further to that the i.m.f. mission chief says that there'll be $100 billion i
by russian troops massed on the border. they warned the threat of russia starting a war is, as they put it, real. russia denies accusations. >>> the mothers of around 200 nigerian schoolgirls abducted two weeks ago have been holding a protest march in the capital, abuja. they're frustrated about a lack of action from the authorities. the girls were taken from their boarding school in the northeastern state of borno by militants. some reports are they've been sold into marriage in neighboring cameroon. protests are expected after schools close later today. i asked bbc africa news editor for the latest on the whereabouts. >> yesterday the nigerian military released a statement which said they were taking seriously a lot of information that's been coming out. which basically means that they have no idea either where the girls are. we've heard that they may have crossed the border into cameroon and, as they say, sold off into marriage. we've not been able to confirm that. we've also heard they've been taken to the border with chad. it's obviously indicates the girls have been split up. the lon
they were awarded we thought no problem. >> just like russia's putin that went smoothly. >>> and mr. halperin, the play on veep i'm sure you heard that mr. allen. let's talk business. harry reid said democrats are holding talks about a vote to prove the keystone pipeline. is that actually going to happen? >> they're actually going to have a vote. and this is a real surprise. it's a sign of how worried democrats are about the senate. yesterday, i was out at the milken conference in los angeles, did a poll, including a lot of democrats, asking them what they thought the chances were republicans could take every 0 the senate. nate silver said around 60%. dave leonhart said around 61%. the democrats i talked to said it's more like 60%. they are worried about a republican senate. so you have harry reid saying he might take a vote on approving the keystone pipeline. what's not determined is, will this be something that's binding will this be more a sense of the senate, as they call it. but the key fact, 11 senate democrats have signed a letter to president obama saying they want him to ap
buildings, firing on police as sanctions against russia seem to be doing nothing to stem the violence. we are live in ukraine. it seems the crisis is escalating. >> reporter: the city they took main buildings in is key. it's the capitol of the neighboring region that's been focus. the regional administration, police building, a shootout there. a tv station is taken over as well. that city has been reasonably quiet. a real coordinated move to take over all of it. this morning, spoke to the chairman of the people's republic. that's the leader of the protesters, basically. he confirmed they have moved in against the police station. in another town, not far from where i'm standing, they will move against the enemies of the people. he laughed off european sanctions. i don't want to go there. i'm not worried by anything they can throw at me. things moving fast on the ground here. a sense of the timetable, i think distance from diplomacy and foreign capitals. the plan is regardless of the external pressure. >> nic, thanks for that. >>> a wave attacks syria leaving 50 dead in damascus and syria.
that a take over by u.s. company will mean job losses for the french. >>> russia has accused the west of reviving cold war tactics. on tuesday the you european union added 15 more people on the list of russian and ukrainian officials facing asset freezes and travel bands. washington announced a new set of sanctions. president obama said he would not impose more sanctions. >> eastern ukraine - gunman opened fire as they took control of more buildings. pro-russian able to visits stormed the headquarters for police and luhansk. barnaby phillips reports from the city of donetsk. gungun. >> reporter: the pro-russian crowd forced their way into the government building in liuhansk they seemed incapable or unwilling to take on the crowds. they refused to hand their weapons over. then they were escorted away. the crowd revelled in their victory. they took over more buildings in the town. later pro-russian gunmen opened fire in an attack on the police station. so pro-russian groups extend their control. they want to hold a referendum in early may. in order for the vote to be credible they need
for war. accuse him of having them and then to baghdad, libya, syria, russia and what other nation. then cock the hammer. if they don't do what we demand, start the war drums. this is the geronimo talk before the stupid ti of iraq. since vietnam the lines has been pushed. if a country fails to act the way we'd like we start war talk. we are one thumb to nose away from battle. this is the world of dick cheney, the american enterprise institute and the killers of the keyboard, chicken hawks who send otherses to battle while they man the op-ed pages. president obama did a great job in calling them out for what they are. warriors without swords, hawks without wings. patriots by the page, soldiers of the sound bite. that's "hardball." thanks for joining us. "all in with chris hayes" starts now. >>> effective immediately, i am banning mr. sterling for life from any association with the clippers organization or the nba. mr. sterling may not attend any nba games or practices. he may not be present at any clippers facility and he may not participate in any business or player personnel decis
to report that russia could potentially withdraw from treaties such as the i.n.f. and that they may further -- any further expansion of arms control efforts will likely make no headway for the foreseeable future system of, some of my colleagues, some of the pun -- i hear some pundits saying, give weapons, more sanctions, very few people are talking about diplomatic solutions. my first question is, do either of you still see, i believe there's still hope, we should talk and have conversations with nations we don't disagree with. is diplomacy an option here? do you seedy employee macy having an a chance here? or it has no chance? what role do you think diplomacy has in this. >> thank you, sir. we -- we believe that diplomacy is a critical aspect of of this. that's why secretary kerry has had, i forget, six, eight, 10 conversations with the russian foreign minister over the last couple of weeks. that's why he went to geneva to negotiate the terms of the geneva statement that laid out a pathway for de-escalation and so we very much believe that the -- that that is the -- that diplomacy is the w
of these cities. >> woodruff: russia still has thousands of its own troops massed near ukraine's eastern border. the state department defended secretary john kerry today, over comments that israel could become an apartheid state, unless there's peace with the palestinians. he said it friday, warning israel could wind up with two classes of citizens. in a statement last night, kerry conceded: if i could rewind the tape, i would have chosen a different word. a spokeswoman said today any suggestion that kerry is anti-israel is "completely absurd." the supreme court has upheld federal efforts to stop power plant emissions from blowing across state lines. by six to two today, the justices re-instated a rule adopted in 2011. it requires plants in 27 midwestern and appalachian states to limit pollution that blows downwind to other states. a lower court had blocked the rule from taking effect. house speaker john boehner tried today to smooth ruffled republican feathers, over immigration reform. the dust-up began last week when boehner addressed the immigration issue during an appearance in his home dis
the new comments from washington indicate the us is taking a tougher stand against russia but speaking to the atlantic council think tank in washington d c secretary of state john kerry said the territory of mitchell is inviolable. here's more of what he said. what russia's actions in ukraine tell us is that today. putin's russia. this claim by a different set of rules. and through its occupation of criteria that subsequent de stabilization of eastern ukraine. russia seeks to change the security landscape of east and central europe we have to make it absolutely clear that problem that nato territory is inviolable. we will defend every single piece of that now in ukraine so the pro russian separatists there are spending their control of areas in the east of the country in the latest bush. the storm government headquarters in the city of lost. well this latest action brings new tensions in a region where police stations and government buildings are now under opposition control in at least ten cities and towns the romans didn't seem to have an ethical trading eastern ukraine the regional
. >> pelley: mark, thank you. today, secretary of state john kerry called on russia to "leave ukraine in peace." but kerry's words and new u.s. sanctions haven't caused russia to blink. the u.s. accuses moscow of whipping up pro-russian militants who have taken over government buildings in eastern ukraine, a possible prelude to a russian invasion. holly williams is there. >> reporter: in luhansk today, pro-russian separatists seized control of the regional government building. as police looked on, the separatists trampled a ukrainian flag and raised a russian one in its place before moving on to the city's police headquarters, some of them armed with automatic weapons. another uptick in violence in eastern ukraine. the mayor of kharkiv, gennady kernes, is fighting for his life tonight after he was shot in the back in an assassination attempt. and in donetsk, peaceful pro- government demonstrators were attacked by masked-wearing separatists wielding baseball bats and batons. these police officers stood by and did nothing to stop them. as this separatist insurgency gains momentum, ukraine's gove
. and pro-russia activists are tightening *their grip on eastern cities. hundreds stormed buildings across luhansk today, a province that borders russia. barnaby phillips is in eastern ukraine with this report. >> the pro-russian crowd swept into the government building in luhansk unopposed- and despite widespread rumours that this takeover was imminent- the police did nothing- they seem unwilling to take on the crowds, and they were escorted away. so pro russian groups continue to extend their control in eastern ukraine. they want to hold them in early may, but in order for that vote to be credible, they need to have a large number area of authority. and that's what's driving them on. but how fair would such a vote be? roman lazorenko runs a news website in donetsk- we're going to his office - he's taken down the name plaque- and most of his staff are too afraid to come here- after a visit by a group of masked men who said he should report more favourably on the self-declared 'people's republic of donetsk' >> if the influence of the people's republic of donetsk grows, then it will be diff
to supplant the rest of the world and doing so in a big way as well as building up their own military. russia is a powerful force in the world which we need to deal with as a major country, a major nation. major countries have their interests. i do not see what's going on in outcome of the communist ideology but instead you have a very important international power there, russia, that is governed by someone who is looking out for its national interests and who that leadership of that country obviously believes that what was going on in ukraine was contrary to their national interests and that they were not being treated fairly in a way in which a pro-russian leader was removed from office by street violence rather than by elections, which in their o result losing -- what they had was access to crimea and a port for their fleet. that said, i'd like to go back to the original purpose that we came here today, to talk about arms control and how that will inimpacted by this new shift our relations with russia and i say that no matter what i should have said the bottom line is, it is in recognitio
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